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Children should remain silent, and they are ‘good’ when they’re quiet, but ‘bad’ when they are not, because they are disturbing the adults and causing trouble. This attitude runs through the way people interact with children on every level, and yet, they seem surprised when it turns out that children have been struggling with serious medical problems, or they’ve been assaulted or abused.

The most common response is ‘well why didn’t the child say something?’ or ‘why didn’t the child talk to an adult?’ Adults constantly assure themselves that children know to go to a grownup when they are in trouble, and they even repeat that sentiment to children; you can always come to us, adults tell children, when you need help. Find a trusted adult, a teacher or a doctor or a police officer or a firefighter, and tell that adult what’s going on, and you’ll be helped, and everything will be all right.

The thing is that children do that, and the adults don’t listen. Every time a child tells an adult about something and nothing happens, that child learns that adults are liars, and that they don’t provide the promised help. Children hold up their end of the deal by reporting, sometimes at great personal risk, and they get no concrete action in return. Sometimes, the very adult people tell a child to ‘trust’ is the least reliable person; the teacher is friends with the priest who is molesting a student, the firefighter plays pool with the father who is beating a child, they don’t want to cause a scene.

Or children are accused of lying for attention because they accused the wrong person. They’re told they must be mistaken about what happened, unclear on the specifics, because there’s no way what they’re saying could be true, so and so isn’t that kind of person. A mother would never do that. He’s a respected member of the community! In their haste to close their ears to the child’s voice, adults make sure the child’s experience is utterly denied and debunked. Couldn’t be, can’t be, won’t be. The child knows not to say such things in the future, because no one is listening, because people will actively tell the child to be quiet.

Children are also told that they aren’t experiencing what they’re actually experiencing, or they’re being fussy about nothing. A child reports a pain in her leg after gym class, and she’s told to quit whining. Four months later, everyone is shocked when her metastatic bone cancer becomes unavoidably apparent. Had someone listened to her in the first place when she reported the original bone pain and said it felt different that usual, she would have been evaluated sooner. A child tells a teacher he has trouble seeing the blackboard, and the teacher dismisses it, so the child is never referred for glasses; the child struggles with math until high school, when someone finally acknowledges there’s a problem.

This attitude, that children shouldn’t be believed, puts the burden of proof on children, rather than assuming that there might be something to their statements. Some people seem to think that actually listening to children would result in a generation of hopelessly spoiled brats who know they can say anything for attention, but would that actually be the case? That assumption is rooted in the idea that children are not trustworthy, and cannot be respected. I’m having trouble understanding why adults should be viewed as inherently trustworthy and respectable, especially in light of the way we treat children.

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WATCH: iPhone 6 Unboxing

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i have been drawing at a snails pace lately

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Some finished bgs for my thesis ! 

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*very quiet voice* queer spaces need to be safe for people of faith too 

I don’t think about this enough. How do I make spaces more inclusive to people of faith.

By not talking about how silly and gross religion is and by not comparing sexuality to other things forbidden in the Old Testament like shrimp, etc.

Also by insulting the laws of Leviticus saying they are “impossible to live by haha so funny shrimp is banned” is excluding lgbtqia+ Jewish people bc Jewish ppl follow those laws and for the most part are pretty good with including lgbtqia+. Obviously not all Jewish ppl/organizations/communities are good with this but they are for the most part

and by not associating monotheism with patriarchy, by acnowledging that god is not attributed a gender in islam, by educating yourself about and refuting the notion that islam is patriarchal, by not forcing lgbt muslims to explain “how that works” or how they “reconcile their faith” with xyz thing, by fostering an environment where casual sex and drug/alcohol use aren’t encouraged or considered to be social necessities, and by giving lgbt muslims the space to sort out theological quandries that the community hasn’t resolved yet.

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a couple of one piece doodles from twitter from the past day or two! i love one piece …. i watched 3D2Y recently too …. ah …

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i love typing like this tbh it’s very comfortable and using internet slang is nice. I feel sorry for the ppl who are stuck on the idea that using proper grammar makes u superior to others

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 teenage catwoman doodles. her hoodie is actually cerise but the camera turned it pastel

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today I felt like trying to make a low poly mini terrarium model, so I did! I have a game about terrariums I’d like to make eventually in this sort of style, need to get better at it first tho

this game is so much fun, and so cute!!! 

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a  birthday drawing for my birthday brother. 


a  birthday drawing for my birthday brother. 

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The clean version of Primacy #2’s Retail Incentive cover!
I was graciously asked to submit three Transformers 30th Anniversary covers, where I get to highlight some of my favorite moments in TF history. This is 1 of 3! My little homage to Starscream assassinating the senate in Megatron Origin. Look at all dem dead senators. 


The clean version of Primacy #2’s Retail Incentive cover!

I was graciously asked to submit three Transformers 30th Anniversary covers, where I get to highlight some of my favorite moments in TF history. This is 1 of 3! My little homage to Starscream assassinating the senate in Megatron Origin. Look at all dem dead senators. 

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First photographic record of a new species of mammal to Chile, the Jelski’s Altiplano Mouse (Abrothrix jelskii) found near Chungara lake, Arika y Parinacota Region.

Look at that NOSE

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らくがき/sketches - BahiJD

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