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Brendan Monroe

Currently I live and work in Oakland, California with my wife Evah and our cat Jalapeño. Once in a while I take on illustration commissions, but most of the time I paint and sculpt for exhibitions. I think it’s important to constantly challenge oneself with new ideas and new mediums. My interpretations of the world are mostly rooted in science then executed through painting and sculpting. These are the best ways for me to communicate, but I always enjoy making other things as well.

Brendan Monroe

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I never understand why people think strippers are party animals and live a certain lifestyle because I’m literally watching every sailor moon episode ever made while simultaneously playing neopets and updating tumblr with a walmart bag on my head because my hair is soaked in coconut oil and i have a face mask on and my cat is laying on my boobs. Much party. very drugs. Wow fun.

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if you ship two professors is it a scholarship?

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Lovely piano cover of Eine Kleine by https://www.youtube.com/user/murmur0042

Check their channel out, they have like a dozen other piano covers of Hachi’s songs; both his Vocaloid work and his more recent stuff. I hope they continue to cover more…I usually listen to their covers while I do homework or study. If I listen to the original versions, I end up singing along and lose focus, haha.

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Thorsten Lumbsch is all business!  I’ll admit, I do not know Thorsten too well but that’s only because of how busy he is!  I feel as though every time I see him, he’s in between meetings or tours.  But this gets back to the purpose of this project:  for me to meet, learn about, and share the people that keep this building running!
1.  What is your name?  Thorsten Lumbsch
2. What is the formal title of your position in the museum?  Associate Curator and Director Integrative Research Center
3. Based on your day-to-day activities, what do you feel should be your job title?  Same as in 2
4. How long have you been in the museum?  11 years
5. What is your favorite object(s)? and Why?  Coral lichen (Cladia ferdinandii) because it is beautiful and it reminds me of the great landscapes of New Zealand and southern Australia where I collected the species.
Talking with Thorsten about his favorite object was a really fun experience!  His experience with this coral lichen really resonated with me.  While this lichen is unique to Australia, it’s quite common there.  He lichened ZINNGGGG itto the kangaroos of lichen.  When he first saw the species for himself in ‘85, he got so excited while those with him scoffed it off as something not particularly interesting and all too common.  It’s not really a strange concept but as I kept thinking about it, the idea that small things making up the uniqueness of places is peculiar the more you think about it.  And we segued into the uniqueness of the large squirrels local to Chicago.  Apparently they’re tiny in Germany.  
So I’ve been thinking about Thorsten’s experience a lot, and about how much this happens to enthusiasts of anything… And I would like to reiterate the purpose of “These are a few of Our Favorite Things”.  The museum fails to be one when there are no people left who care about the details.  Care to explore, or learn.  Care to remember and to teach.  The Field Museum’s collections are unique, but only because we have the people who care enough to take care of it and expand upon it.  Who get excited over the details missed by others.  I want to know, meet and share the experiences and the people that make this museum more than objective.  While science is objective, the reasons that keep it progressing is the subjective; the favorite things and the curiosities.  You can define the objects in our collections but I doubt you can truly define the people that keep it running.

reposting… I posted this sort of late on Fri. and I have this feeling it sort of got buried underneath the rest of tumblr…  So for the weekday crowd!

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The Azure Window and the Blue Hole - Gozo, Malta

Two geological wonders sit side-by-side on the Maltese island of Gozo: the Azure Window and the Blue Hole.

The window is a towering rock formation reaching 328 feet high with a precarious table structure that makes it popular for cliff divers. Yet below is another wonder with a collapsed underwater limestone cave known as the Blue Hole. It’s accessed by divers through a 262-foot tunnel, and underwater you can find a beautiful array of marine life including octopi, fire worms, and sea horses.

Unfortunately, the Azure Window is wearing down. In April of 2012, it got a little wider when part of it broke off. But there’s apparently already a plan if the worst happens, and upon its collapse it will be rechristened the Azure Pinnacle. 

Plan a trip to the Azure Window and Blue Hole, on Atlas Obscura…

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With such loose brush strokes, its amazing how shiny and clear that tea pot is, right?! See what you can see at a Slow Art Day being hosted near you.

Irving R. Wiles, Russian Tea, 1896

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Akintunde Ahmad Has A 5.0 GPA, 2100 SAT Score & Acceptance To Multiple Ivies

17-year-old student at Oakland Tech in Oakland, Calif., who achieved a 5.0 GPA and 2,100 on the SAT, has been accepted to top colleges and numerous Ivy League Universities: Brown, Chapman, Cal Poly, Cal State East Bay, Columbia, Howard, Northwestern, UCLA, USC and Yale Uni where he has received a baseball scholarship. Ahmad is leaving some people in shock at his accomplishments Ahmad describes himself as a “street dude” while admitting that his physique can be intimidating to people who are judgmental. Even his peers have underestimated him until he pulls out his cellphone to present them with images of his grades and test scores to provide proof.Ahmad has decided to narrow his choices to two schools Yale and Brown with plans of majoring in Pre-med or Pre-law.    

Well all I can say is I am proud of him and all other black young men doing well in school. I hope to hear more of him and others

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My piece for Qpop's Sailormoon Tribute Show! Come by and say hello and check out equally cool arts!


My piece for Qpop's Sailormoon Tribute Show! Come by and say hello and check out equally cool arts!

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It’s been raining all week! I’m just so happy.  Y ⩊ Y

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